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Textilmarker zum Ausmalen Deines Turnbeutel!

5 Stifte in den Fraben rot, gelb, blau, grün und schwarz.

Animal heroes to accompany you

Hello, I'm Lulu!
I like to roar loudly, I'm super funny and like any lion, I love good food. But if you ask me where is left and where is right, I have to think long and hard.

Hello, I'm Polly!
You can recognise me by the fancy chain I always wear on my left foot. I'm also pretty clever and probably the coolest penguin at the South Pole.

usp icon Lulu & Polly are two heroes who help children dealing with cultural diversity in adventure stories.
usp icon Both the books and the clothes are sustainably produced products. The paper is chlorine-free, the textiles are produced in fair labour from organic cotton.
usp icon All products can be returned easily and worry-free. Returns are not disposed of, but are processed for use outside the online shop.